What are the long-term effects of Narcan/Naloxone?

I’ve been looking for a study or information that would answer that question, but it appears no one knows.  However, it’s instructive to look into the past…


Narcan: The Next Big Thing In Pain Management

(12/24/2008) Tchort said:

…It all started with Talwin; a few low-level healthcare workers came up with the T’s & Blues combination, and shooting Pentazocine (which was unscheduled at the time) and Pyribenzamine (a.k.a. Tripellenamine, a common Rx cold/flu anti-Histamine of the day) spread across the country.

Then it started: Talwin NX. Pentazocine and Naloxone, combined in one pill. To stop intravenous abuse, they said. And it did: only, abuse never stopped, it just switched to oral and insufflation. A new combination was then discovered to be adequately euphoric to abuse: Talwin NX and Ritalin…

(12/25/2008) Tchort said:

-The correlation between low dose / ultra-low dose antagonists + / – partial or full agonists has not been adequately established, for abuse, as an adjuvant for analgesia, or for slowing tolerance. There is only a very short history of this being studied; the cart is coming before the horse. Long term ramifications of these combo’s are not understood…

-The evidence with Suboxone and Vivitrol is that regular, daily use of opioid antagonists can bring about nasty side effects, from headaches to severe nausea. The seriousness of these side effects was all but left out of the Suboxone prescribing guide, aside from the note that if the patient doesn’t tolerate Suboxone to switch them to Subutex. I bet the already vulnerable chronic pain population will really appreciate these added health problems.

(12/25/2008) lenses said:  Thats a pretty ultra low dose of naloxone. That kind of dose actually makes the opiate work BETTER. It forget the pharmacology of it right now, but that low of a dose will not block . Thats like a microgram (ug) dose , right?

Naloxone isn’t impossible to seperate if you wanted to badly enough. Theres a way you can with cheap, easy accessible chemicals. I won’t say yet right now, but you should be able to figure it out. PM if you really need to know.

5 thoughts on “What are the long-term effects of Narcan/Naloxone?

    • Thanks for the comment, Drew 🙂

      What I’m wondering is, (a) if someone is given Narcan for an overdose, does that affect the long-term ability of the brain to manage pain, and (b) if taking Naloxone mixed with an opioid on a daily basis, will it affect your brain’s long-term ability to manage pain?

      How long have you been on Subutex? Have you had acute pain, like a toothache, that was resistant to pain medication while on Subutex?


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