5/15/2014, Cancer patients being denied medications by pharmacists


One cancer patient was denied her pain medication shortly before she died.  When Rose Chamberlain passed away her husband, Carl, lost the love of his life, “My wife was all I had.”

Quality of life is all Carl wanted for his wife last Christmas, “All Christmas Eve and all Christmas Day, she was in pain, screaming in pain.”

“Now they’re hitting us where it really hurts, which is the patients,” said Dr. James Sanchez an Oncologist with Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada. He’s seen several cancer patients experience this problem… He and his colleagues don’t know what to make of pharmacies denying their pain pill prescriptions.

Don’t know what to make of the medical industry deciding to join the drug war and criminalize pain patients?  Did cancer doctors think their patients wouldn’t be affected?

After all, he explains, opiates were designed to treat cancer patients, “In order to provide them with a good quality of life, we have to provide them with relief of their pain.”

Only cancer patients deserve relief from their pain and a good quality of life?

Rose finally got her pain pills after the holiday, but with the next refill it was more denials and delays at other Walgreens locations, CVS and Target.

“When people refused to call the doctor, when they lie to your face, that hurts a lot,” said Carl as tears ran down his face. “Especially when you know your wife is dying and you just want her to have a little relief from the pain. Just wanted to be treated with dignity and respect.”

David Wuest is Deputy Secretary of the Nevada State Board of Pharmacy, “Right now there’s less meds being manufactured. There’s less meds that are being shipped to pharmacies. And there are patients that unfortunately, that may be going without medicines.”

Less meds being manufactured = DEA, controlling the supply.

If you’re being denied or delayed, the Board of Pharmacy recommends you go back to your doctor. Also, while under state law the board cannot require a pharmacist to fill a prescription, they will try to help patients having problems.

You can call the state Board of Pharmacy at (800) 364-2081.

We contacted the pharmacy chains where Carl said he ran into these problems. Both Walgreens and CVS refused our requests for an on-camera interview…

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