Paying less than $16 per hour not fair: Aetna CEO

Aetna, which ranked 57th on Fortune’s list in 2014, made the announcement last week during the JPMorgan Health Care Conference. The wage and benefit hikes will impact about 5,700 workers who were making $13 to $14 per hour.

Many of those workers were single mothers who had to rely on food stamps and Medicaid because they could not afford Aetna’s health-care plans, Bertolini said…

The federal government, subsidizing Aetna employees, just like Walmart?  Aetna’s like, we need to pay our employees more so they can, in turn, pay more for healthcare insurance. Almost looks like a zero-sum game, doesn’t it?

Voices of pain patients

This sickenings me… husband and I live with chronic pain as well due motor vehicle and motorcycle accidents we were involved in at no fault on our part. We had to go to a private pharmacy after Walgreens started denying our pain prescriptions as well. Now the pharmacy that we are going to made us pay $75 apiece to go thru a consultantion informing us that he was going to be contacting our Dr to try and prescribe something else for us instead of the cocktail meds that have been described!! He stated there are other meds would be much better for our chronic pain. Wtf…since when can a pharmacy/pharmacist do this?? He is not our Dr… I am only taking one pain med while my husband is only on one pain med and flexeril. Is this legal for a pharmacist to inquire abt all of our medical history plus charge for consultation fees? We were told as long as all meds were filled at his pharmacy that we would have no problems with getting our pain meds filled but go every month and still treated as drug addicts!! What the hell is going on in this country?? We should be able to get our meds filled from a legit Dr with no problems. Pharmacist are over stepping their boundaries in my opinion when it comes to my medical history and trying to tell my doctor what meds we should be on!!

Woman gives birth aboard Jordan-NYC flight

He says the woman is a citizen of Jordan and was traveling alone.

Are women from Jordan allowed to travel alone?  Dear New Mom:  Try to stay safe, huh?

Born over the Atlantic Ocean on the way to New York… I wonder what nationality her new baby is? I think Mother Nature has determined that the child is American.