“Now no MD will see me.”


Q: My former MD refused to comply with new MD request for copies of my medical records even though a HIPPA release was signed.: Former MD medically abandoned, failed to provide continuity of care, & refused to assist me in obtaining an MD in spite of myriad & serious medical conditions. His discharge was sent by mail. I responded privately by registered mail. When the new MD requested medical records for the past 12 months my former MD sent only a copy of my private response to his medical abandonment. No records, office notes or results were shared in spite of HIPPA form in place. He did not share the letter he sent me. New MD discharged me after perusing my private response. No medical records were sent. Former MD blacklisted me by sharing my private letter. Now no MD will see me. Can my former MD be made to stop blacklisting me by sharing my private communication when only my medical records are requested? (Asked about 1 month ago in Medical Malpractice)

A: Clifford’s answer: You have a right to a copy of your medical records. If the doctor will not provide them to you, you should sue just to get the records. You have no damages, and attorney’s fees are not recoverable from the doctor, so you will be paying your own attorney’s fee. You could also complain to the Department of Medicine.

Your former MD cannot be made to stop from black-listing you. You have no claim as long as your former doctor makes no (untrue) statements about you. (Answered about 1 month ago.)

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