4 thoughts on “Anti-Anxiety Drugs Raise the Risk of Alzheimers Disease

  1. If this scare-article were even slightly true, I would be at 2000% increased likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s. Good thing I read and work puzzles. Since scientists already know that true Alzheimer’s manifests before age 30, I think it is likely that those people might require Valium or Xanax. As long as the Feds don’t try to mess with my psych meds, I do not care in the least if anxiety meds have a connection to dementia or not.

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    • I thought about putting this post under Drug War (which I will now), because you’re right, they seem to be trying to scare people about Xanax. Heck, I took both Valium and Xanax for years and years and I’m still here.

      I didn’t know that they figured out Alzheimer’s manifests before age 30. In fact, I didn’t know they were far enough along in the research to make a correlation like the one talked about in this article.

      And you should care if a connection is found, but only insofar as you need that information to make your own health care decisions. Making decisions based on drug war rhetoric is never a good idea, and you know how the media is about click-bait headlines. But it’s always good to know what the “experts” are thinking.

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