Voices of pain patients

Carol Auten (on Facebook) said:  My Pain Doctor is great. It is other doctors I see that seem to be judge mental. I live in Florida and have to submit to a drug test on a monthly basis, but that doesn’t really bother me because I have nothing to hide. What really makes me angry are the restrictions the State has put on the Doctors and Pharmacies regarding Narcotic Medications. This month it took me 6 days for one of the 7 pharmacies I went to, to get my medication in. I guess they can only have a specific amount in stock at a time. The Doctors can’t write your refills until the 29th day which means I went 5 days without my Narcotic pain med and went into withdrawal. I know there has to be accountability for Controlled Substances, but it is getting harder and harder for patients who truly need the Meds to get them.

Ginger Harp Ray Custer said:  Talk to the Patient Advocacy. I used to have to go to them all the time when I was an Ombudsman. I have used it here for the V.A. here when they wouldn’t send my C-Pap refills. It helps and they will talk to you Dr. Especially with the E.R.

Stephanie Sunderland said:  I have always fought and got nowhere. Now I manage my pain with weed.

Sherry Frendreiss said:  I feel your pain, literally. I have gone to the same family doctor for over 10 years and since I developed fibro, she has literally told me, in no uncertain terms, that there’s nothing she can do for me. She has given me meds like gabapentin, plaquenil, and flexeril, but none of them are helping. Four months ago I was told my my rheumy and her both, that I have lupus with the fibro. Now I am being told I have just fibro. What?!?! I feel like they are playing a guessing game with me. I asked to be referred to another rheumy and also a pain doctor, and she refused to write the referral, even though she said she doesn’t know how to help me anymore. I asked for something for the horrible pain I have been dealing with, and she blew me off and walked out of the room and ended the appointment. I have been feeling unheard for months…

Julie Conway said:  I still haven’t figured out how to deal with it. I have a Dr giving false diagnosis codes just to refer me all over the place, another that acts as if it’s all in my head, another that if they would look at my chart for once they would see that they put me on what they are asking if u have tried…. I’ve fired Dr’s, told off Dr’s, complained about Dr’s, and everything else and nothing gets anything done. This is going on 10yrs of trying to get a Dr to actually figure out what is going on. It’s hell.

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