Can the Florida Academy of Pain Medicine help pain patients?

President’s Message, 12/20/14

I want to highlight this past year’s activities on behalf of our membership and take a moment to discuss some upcoming initiatives…

As a result of this resolution, FMA initiated a teleconference between all Florida pain related medical societies and authoritative representatives from the DEA, Pharmacy Associations, and Florida’s Board of Pharmacy…

I attended the October teleconference on behalf of our Academy. I found it to be an open forum where all parties had an opportunity to clearly state their concerns and positions regarding the dispensing of controlled substances by pharmacists. All parties agreed that access to controlled substances must be made available to those in need. Furthermore, all parties seemed interested in working together to resolve the problems and will meet face to face in Q1 of 2015…

Jeffrey A. Zipper, M.D.
President FAPM

Kenneth E. Webster, EdD, Executive Director

P.O. Box 13489
St. Petersburg, Fl. 33733
Phone (727) 581-4319 FAX (727) 581-8537

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