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GlassRose said:  I assume the first diagnosis refers to my Major Joint Dysfunction of the knee bilaterally, for which I am service connected through the VA. I have NO IDEA about the second diagnosis – none of my impairments have a respitory component.

Why would the impairments not be listed specifically, and why would they refer to a condition I don’t even have? And what should I do about it? I’ve already turned in the application for reconsideration, appeal and release forms. I don’t believe it has been assigned yet.

And one more question – the VA has rated me 60% disabled due to the combination of knee and spine impairments – and that documentation was robust, to say the least – surgeries, progress notes, C&P exams. Shouldn’t those at the least been cited as serious medical conditions??

Different Perspective said:  What are you calling the DDS Disability Worksheet? It sounds like you are you talking about the Disability Determination Explanation. This is in the Payment Documents/Decisions section, usually Exhibit 2A and, if a concurrent SSDI/SSI claim, 4A. This spells out the case and includes the RFC, mental or physical and many other aspects of the case…  I think what you are hunting for is the Request for Medical Advice (SSA-448) prepared by the examiner and Case Analysis (SSA 416) prepared by the Medical Consultant. These forms will be found in Section F, Medical Records with the Source probably listed as DDS or whatever the State Agency is called in the state of adjudication.

It’s like they’re talking in a different language…

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