Is it a sin to take drugs?

We’ve already been through this — there is no such thing as sin.  (See “Breaking News:  Sin Does Not Exist.”)

Okay, is it wrong to take drugs?

Well, what kind of drugs are you talking about?

Any drugs… all drugs.

I guess it’s not wrong to take prescription drugs, allegedly because a medical doctor has to prescribe them. But doctors as gatekeepers for the legal drug market hasn’t turned out that well for this country.

And the federal government believes it’s wrong to take illegal drugs, especially if you get addicted to them — both offenses are criminal.

What is the difference between a patient and a consumer? None that I can see, except one has the money to get drugs legally through the health care system, and the other does not.  And when you get your medications through the underground market, there’s a lot more risk, and many more negative outcomes.

Discrimination is what we’re looking at here…

Anyway, I don’t think it’s wrong to take drugs or drink alcohol — it’s not wrong to feel good by eating chocolate or having sex, either. And it’s not wrong to feel good about believing in something that may or may not exist.

It’s only when consumers and patients become irresponsible that problems arise. Keeping in mind that being irresponsible with drugs has more to do with a lack of education than anything else. (Kinda like sex.)

Does anyone want to offer a counter argument?

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