Rumor On The Street 01/05/2015 – Updated

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Well, one recurring theme is that management does not know anything about the pharmacy business and there are the scorched earth people there (boot on the ground management consultants) and two other major factors….over capacity of stores when you add up the Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aids, WalMart, ect.. Add growth of mail order pharmacies and you have a recipe for bad for business deep to the bone reorganizations.

I just have to speak up because this is related to my chosen career before I became disabled due to RSD. I’m a CPA and former controller in several different industries. I used to BE in those meetings where the restructuring plan was presented. Those consultants charge a lot of money for their grand plan and just because they may understand the retail industry they really don’t understand pharmacy plus retail. No one would come in the store if they didn’t have an Rx to fill. Think about the difference. WalMart can survive without their in store pharmacy. Walgreens can’t survive because retail goes poof without the pharmacy.

Your top management by your own admission does not know Pharmacy 101. Of course they must deliver more and more profit to the share holders or the Board of Directors will replace current top management with a team that will.

The consultants will be long gone when this brilliant plan starts to blow up. Walgreens is an iconic American brand. So was Sears. So was Woolworth.

I’m not bitter like many pain patients toward pharmacists at Walgreens. I was made to suffer withdrawals and more pain than I can verbalize by pharmacists at all the big names because they would not fill my pain medication. I placed more blame on the DEA than anything.

I’m blessed because I get the meds I need from a real old fashioned independent pharmacy who listened to me. Cared enough to take me as their patient. Treated me as a human being in pain. Pharmacy 101 folks.

When I got RSD five years ago I was healthy as a horse. Now I have diabetes and other health problems that come along with RSD. I have a boatload of very profitable RXs each month.

My question is why didn’t one pharmacist at CVS or Walgreens choose to do what my current pharmacy did for me? After all, the pharmacists keep making the point that the buck stops with them and its their choice to fill or not fill my pain medication. When I stood before them humbled by pain and sometimes pain and withdrawals because I was able to get meds somewhere during the pharmacy crawl of the prior month.

My paper work with my dx of RSD and damaged nerves in my hand and tears running down my face. My favorite is the Walgreens across the street from me. The pharmacist did not have the balls to refuse me outright and just tell me she did not want to fill my RX. Instead she said her store did not carry that medication any more. Neighbors talk. My next door neighbor got his filled across the street at Walgreens for the exact same medication. I guess he looked sick? And nothing about my appearance says drug addict expect may be 46 years was too young to have RSD in their minds. I don’t know. (RSD is not age dependent.)

There is growth in the pharmacy industry. In independent pharmacies that care for people and care about people in severe pain.

Having to read snarky comments from pharmacists posting on here about addicts being mad because they can’t get their fix and on and on ad nauseam I must say I will not have as much empathy for pharmacists from Walgreens and CVS who end up with out a job as they did for me when I begged them to help me. Before I found my current pharmacy I was so close on may occasions to giving myself a massive insulin dose and never waking up because the pain was so bad. But I have a minor child that needs me and I just couldn’t do it. I kept fighting.

Don’t get it twisted. Neurological pain is very hard to treat and opiates just take the pain down enough to be able to hang on for better treatments in the future or a cure.

Pharmacy 101. Maybe the next person that comes to a Walgreens or CVS pharmacist hurting they will be treated better and have their RX filled. I hope its not too late to do a course correction for you. Given the advanced stage of the Walgreens restructuring plan it may be too late for them. Maybe CVS can take note.

12/20/2014, How catnip gets your cat high

As far back as the 1600s, Europeans used the plant as a mild sedative, brewing tea with its leaves, making juice from them, and even smoking or chewing them. At various times, the plant was believed to cure colic in infants and excessive flatulence, hives, and toothaches in adult.

In the 1960s, catnip was occasionally used as a substitute for marijuana, with some users claiming it caused hallucinations and euphoria when smoked by humans. Eventually, though, scientists determined this was not the case.

It does, however, have one positive effect. Back in the 1960s, scientists discovered that catnip’s active chemical acts as a mosquito repellant — one that’s actually more powerful than DEET, though it wears off more quickly. In fact, if you want a less harsh alternative to DEET, catnip-based mosquito repellants are still available.

Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing

That life came to a tragic end on this day 1984, when Marvin Gaye was shot and killed by his own father one day short of his 45th birthday.

If the physical cause of Marvin Gaye’s death was straightforward—”Gunshot wound to chest perforating heart, lung and liver,” according to the Los Angeles County Coroner—the events that led to it were much more tangled. On the one hand, there was the longstanding conflict with his father dating back to childhood. Marvin Gay, Sr., (the “e” was added by his son for his stage name) was a preacher in the Hebrew Pentecostal Church and a proponent of a strict moral code he enforced brutally with his four children. He was also, by all accounts, a hard-drinking cross-dresser who personally embodied a rather complicated model of morality. By some reports, Marvin Sr. harbored significant envy over his son’s tremendous success, and Marvin Jr. clearly harbored unresolved feelings toward his abusive father.

Those feelings spilled out for the final time in the Los Angeles home of Marvin Gay, Sr., and his wife Alberta. Their son the international recording star had moved into his parents’ home in late 1983 at a low point in his struggle with depression, debt and cocaine abuse. Only one year removed from his first Grammy win and from a triumphant return to the pop charts with “Sexual Healing,” Marvin Gaye was in horrible physical, psychological and financial shape, and now he found himself living in the same house as the man who must have been at the root of many of his struggles.

After an argument between father and son escalated into a physical fight on the morning of April 1, 1984, Alberta Gay was trying to calm her son in his bedroom when Marvin Sr. took a revolver given to him by Marvin Jr. and shot him three times in his chest. Marvin Gaye’s brother, Frankie, who lived next door, and who held the legendary singer during his final minutes, later wrote in his memoir that Marvin Gaye’s final, disturbing statement was, “I got what I wanted….I couldn’t do it myself, so I made him do it.”

5/16/2013, Marijuana For Bipolar Disorder

But today, doctors are faced with a greater challenge when it comes to treating the condition. The challenge is drug abuse; a problem that affects only 6% of the general population yet plagues more than 50% of all patients with bipolar disorder…

The researchers also cited 2 surveys conducted in 2003 which found that 15-27% of medical marijuana patients in California were prescribed the drug for various mood disorders, including depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD and ADHD.

Medical Marijuana Laws Reduce Suicide by Men Under 40

“When we examine the relationship between legalization and suicides by gender and age, we find evidence that [medical marijuana laws] are associated with decreased suicides among 20- through 29-year-old males and among 30- through 39-year-old males. This result is consistent with registry data from Arizona, Colorado, and Montana showing that most medical marijuana patients are male, and that roughly half are under the age of 40. Estimates of the relationship between legalization and suicides among females are less precise and sensitive to functional form.”

1/15/2015, Study: Long Term Cannabis Exposure Doesn’t Significantly Harm Lungs

The inhalation of one marijuana cigarette per day over a 20-year period is not associated with adverse changes in lung health, according to data published online ahead of print in the journal Annals of the American Thoracic Society…

Authors further reported that marijuana smoke exposure may even be associated with some protective lung effects among long-term smokers of tobacco…