1/15/2015, ‘I couldn’t stop’: About 9 percent of marijuana users risk addiction


Under comments:

“Alcohol, I believe, is just above the 10 percent range, so of all the people you see who drink, one in 10 have a problem where they lose control or it hurts their lives.”

I find it hard to believe that the addiction risk for alcohol is only 1 percent above that for marijuana. That doesn’t even make sense.

Whenever I read a story about someone with a drug abuse problem, the real problems are usually found in why a person is using drugs, not about which drugs they are using. Self-medication is something you can find all over this country, more so than others because our health care system is so crappy.

The addiction industry can label a person’s drug abuse problems as addiction (more money for them), when in reality, addiction is just one of the symptoms — of whatever problems that person had before picking up a drug.

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