Voices of pain patients


No Way To Live – I’ve lived with chronic pain for 41 years. I want to die today
Posted by broken on 21 Apr 2012 at 6:34 am

I’ve lived with chronic pain for 41 years. I want to die today. I have 1 methadone, 1 percocet, 4 flexeril & no doctor. I think my lumbar & sacral discs are screwed & I can’t walk. I live in Florida, so I can’t go to the ER without being treated like a junkie. I’ve thought about driving into a tree or off a bridge. I’ve thought about flinging myself off a building. What stops me is the fear I will live through it & then no one will treat me since I have a history of chronic pain. I don’t Dr shop. Hell, I haven’t had a Dr physically touch me in over 5 years. That’s when I lost my insurance & became profiled as a pill seeker.

I can’t live like this & no one cares, that is, if you don’t have insurance. I work full time. I cannot afford to pay a Dr who MAY or MAY NOT give me meds. So. I depend on friends to give me left over pills so I can keep working. I sit here, waiting for the postman, hoping a care pack will arrive today…from a friend who said they mailed it last week. This is no way to live.

degenerative disc disease
Posted by boniferous on 22 May 2012 at 12:27 pm

My doctor is afraid to treat me. Another doctor outside the network diagnosed me with degenerative disc disease. It is so bad I worry I will be paralyzed soon. But, then, the pain would be gone so that is good. Sometimes I wonder how I can make myself paralyzed to end it. Anyway, he’s taking me off the pain meds, diagnosed me with fibromyalgia and given me those pills instead. I have enough of them left to kill myself. I cannot find another doctor with the cahones to treat me humanely and help ease my suffering. There are not enough drugs to end the pain, trust me. Had 4 kids. At least child birth came with “breaks” in between labor pains… seriously this is wicked shit and right now I wish I were a drug addict so I could help myself survive. So, probably, there will be another on the ticket but I am damned well not going out without a big bang and a bunch of law suits against some serious losers who call themselves doctors.

Traci Ideas
Posted by Jason on 20 Nov 2014 at 12:11 pm

There are countless pain related websites and are all pretty much a place where we can write about our ailments and complain until our heads explodes. What chronic pain sufferers need is ONE voice for all

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