Verizon, another bane on my existence

Users complained that the tracking number could be used by any website they visited from their phone to build a dossier about their behavior – what sites they went to, what apps they used.

In November, AT&T stopped using the number. But Verizon did not, instead assuring users on its website that “it is unlikely that sites and ad entities will attempt to build customer profiles” using its identifiers…

I have Verizon 4G LTE, allegedly the fastest wireless internet connection.  So when I have excessive buffering, I check how many bars I have — funny, I always have the maximum amount of bars, no matter how slow my internet speed.  And I am constantly having to reset my wireless adapter — like at least once every single day.

Even though my 2-year, very expensive contract is almost over (finally), my only other option in Albuquerque is Comcast.  And from what I read, Comcast is worse than Verizon.

I love my music therapy via videos on youtube, but it’s expensive to watch too many videos.  I tried to figure out when and why I go over my limits, but it’s impossible.  So every month I just write “RIP OFF” in the check notation of my Verizon payment — it’s the only way I’m able to protest the ridiculous rates they charge, especially for mediocre service.

Sure, the tracking thing bothers me too, but I’m pretty sure people are being tracked wherever they go, whether on the internet or walking out the front door.  And we probably won’t even know when that information is being used against us.  Since I’m not an expert on technology, it’s not like it will help if I worry about this issue.

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