Idaho police use 60 texts in 1 hour to help troubled woman

POST FALLS, Idaho (AP) — The distraught woman messaged police this week telling them she was going to hurt herself, but she refused to pick up her phone. So dispatchers with Post Falls police used text messages — about 60 or so over the next hour — to help the woman. Dispatchers… persuaded her to turn herself in to… police…

How can the police help this woman?  Will they pay for her to get help?

Police launched the new text-a-crime system in early 2013, and said at the time that they were looking for new ways to get information to solve crimes. They believe texting crime tips will catch on with young people and, hopefully, generate leads for police. The service may also benefit people who are hearing impaired… The department often goes days without receiving any text messages, Haug said. The text it received Wednesday night was the first high-priority text message it had gotten.

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