God bless Lebanese Walter White.

Facebook comments:

Robert Michael Pristupa said:  It’s official – life is nothing but a giant Quentin Tarrentino movie.

David Oke said:  it’s a funny world when we’re cheering on the drug lords

Manuel Fogg said:  There was a time in America where the National Slogan was, “Save America with Hemp!”

Lynn Baker said:  Of course he would fight ISIS, The people of ISIS are high on their god, not his drugs.

Dale Hash said:  Give me three lesbians with pool cues and I can take on the world! Oh…. you said Lebanese. Never mind.

Danny Shehayeb said:  I’m Lebanese and I approve of this message

Sam Jackson said:  If a drug lord is doing that he’s making the rest of us look bad

Mike Haas said:  When pot farmers and Hezbollah are against you, you’re fucked.

Krysztov Sweeney said:  Wait, so they make some of the world’s best hash, AND they kill the shit out of ISIS?

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