Natural Remedies Beat Eczema Without Drug Side Effects

I suffered the worst eczema flare I’ve ever had after I stopped using prescription medications. Made me wonder if the medications had been keeping the eczema at bay… But the intense flare was probably just the result of the release of all the toxins.

The itching got so bad, I would run very hot water over my hands just to make it stop.  Finally forced myself to see a GP, who was kind enough to give me prescriptions of an oral cortisone to bring my hands back to normal.  This doctor, of course, referred me to a dermatologist for further treatment.

The dermatologists I saw to further investigate the problem were no help at all — except for one piece of advice:  Petroleum jelly.  I use it often.  It doesn’t stop the rash, but it keeps the skin from drying out and becoming itchy.  I did a little reading on the ingredients in petroleum jelly, which, as the name implies, contains an extract of petroleum.  Yuck.  However, it appears to be a very, very, very low dose — I mean, they use Vaseline for babies all the time (and in some sensitive places).  It works more like protection, over the skin, than something that moisturizes and penetrates the skin.

I was worried about leaving Vaseline fingerprints everywhere, but as long as I don’t wear my glasses, they’re hardly noticeable. 😀

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