1/6/2015, How should U.S. regulate powerful painkillers?


I remember back in the 1980s, when anti-depressants were about the only long-term treatment available to chronic pain patients. Lots and lots of anti-depressants, which were later proven to only be as effective as a placebo. And while pain was being mistreated and under-treated, acute pain was allowed to morph into chronic pain; chronic pain was allowed to explode into intractable pain; and intractable pain rose to suicidal levels.

I’ve lived the history of the treatment of chronic pain, and Dr. Kolodny is a newcomer to this fight. Being the intensely curious person that I am, I did some digging. I mean, it’s not like the media includes the background of these groups when they allow their spokespeople to pretend to be experts. If you’re interested, I’ve posted the information on PFROP and Phoenix House at painkills2 on WordPress.

Dr. Kolodny has no background or expertise in the treatment of pain. The billion-dollar addiction medicine and rehabilitation industry is one not even recognized by the America Board of Medical Specialties. And it is no surprise that Dr. Kolodny is part of the failed drug war, as he is mostly funded by the federal government.

And just like when the media gives air time to Dick Cheney, when Dr. Kolodny speaks, I get nauseated and think “war criminal.”


I tried 3 different times to make this post, deleting the WordPress mention, and then “war criminal.”  All the posts were denied, and then they shut me down… If anyone reads this, and you’re on Disqus, maybe you can go give Kolodny a hard time for me?

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