Unum and Lexmark

Click to access Unum_ROI_Ins_Case_Study.pdf

In a major initiative to reduce paper, return hours and minutes to employees, control costs, and improve customer service, insurance leader Unum partnered with Lexmark to build one of the most efficient document-management platforms in the industry…

The first such automation project involved scanning thousands of paper-based customer files that were stored in the company’s 35 field offices. Each file was scanned on a MFP at the field office, converted to an electronic image and then routed automatically to a server at Unum headquarters. Unum designed and built the new system, called Enterprise Data Search (EDS), in close partnership with Lexmark, and began rolling out the EDS system at its San Francisco office in 2009….

Among other system innovations, Unum now routes all faxes through the company’s network to a central point that keeps internal company faxes within the network while using a single queue for external faxes….

The e-system for document archiving and storage also helps the company comply with new, more stringent regulations on data retention. “We now have zero lost documents or documents being kept past their retention date,” Friend said.

Ummm… Ms. Friend, I think Unum has “lost” some documents, which ended up in my mail box… (See post “Long Live HIPAA.”)

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