6/7/2011, “My Job Was to Terminate and Deny Claims,” says Former Unum Claims Handler


Nee was fired shortly after Dateline NBC and 60 Minutes aired an exposé of Unum in October 2002. According to Nee, she was fired for whistleblowing, but Unum said she was terminated for “poor performance,” even though she received considerable pay raises up to and including a month before she was terminated. “But if I were Unum I would have fired me too,” says Nee. “I was a lead customer specialist giving away Unum’s unfair claims practices to regulators.”

But according to confidential employee sources and claimants who have been through the new loop, business is the same despite the agreement that calls for favorable reinstatement of claimants already on Social Security Disability. But the company had provisions written in the multi-state settlement giving them the option to deny those claims again based upon what it deems as incompetence of Social Security Awards.”

But did Unum reassess all of those claims? Nee says that, based on the information she has, Unum did reassess the claims but there is some controversy. She believes that only about 60 percent of the claims were reversed, so for 40 percent of denied claimants, the reassessment process didn’t turn out well…

“In other words, Unum is now claiming the right of excluding a witness and they have no right to screen witnesses,” explains Nee. “And Unum is now claiming that, if an insured wants to audio-record an IME, they must use a court reporter selected by Unum; they have to pay for it; and they have to give Unum a copy of the report. What a good deal for Unum!”

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