1/7/2014, Crack down on pain killers forcing shortage at pharmacies


Travis Howell, 26, is paralyzed from the waist down and confined to where his wheelchair can take him.

“I have 18 open bed wounds, five of which I can feel,” Howell said.

To cope with the daily pains, Travis depends on the roughly 200 Oxycodone pills he is prescribed by his doctor every two weeks.

“I know it’s a lot… Sounds like a lot. But there’s nothing else me and my doctor can do. We’ve tried everything from getting shots in my back to morphine — which I found out I’m allergic to,” Howell said.

On Monday, Travis tried to get his prescription filled at a nearby CVS Pharmacy but was rejected.

“All she could say was ‘I don’t feel comfortable’ and hung up the phone on me,” Howell told News 4 Tucson…

“There are patients out there not getting the medications they need because the supply is not there,” said Greg Rogan, of the Medicine Shoppe, a locally-owned pharmacy.

It’s a reality that all too obvious for Rogan, who said his shop has been cut off from its supplier of Oxycodone.

“We still get people calling everyday asking ‘can we get it?’ and can we fill their prescriptions… unfortunately, I had to stop taking any new pain patients on back in April,” Rogan told News 4 Tucson.


12/6/2014, Painkiller abuse more likely for those who skip college

Nonmedical use of powerful narcotic pain drugs (for example, Oxycontin) was reported by 13.2 percent of those who did not graduate from high school, 13.1 percent of those with a high school diploma, and 11.3 percent of those in college…

The researchers also looked at abuse of prescription stimulants (such as Adderall) and found the opposite results: Stimulant misuse was more common among college students than among those who weren’t in college.

About 70 percent of all young adults in the United States enroll in some form of college education, while 30 percent do not…


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