Why painkiller addicts turn to heroin



My comment:

I’ve suffered from intractable pain for almost 30 years, and after 10 years on prescription drug therapy, I was left without access and had to detox on my own — it was a special kind of h*ll that I can’t begin to describe.

But never, not once, did I contemplate switching to heroin, needles, or other illegal drugs. (With the exception of cannabis.) In other words, it’s not chronic pain patients who are fueling this drug abuse problem, and everyone involved in creating the criminalization of pain patients and doctors knows it.

“All these drugs trigger “tolerance” — the need to take higher doses for the same effect — and a craving for the drug in its absence.”

And guess what? I don’t have any left-over “cravings” for the drugs in their absence. What I have is unmanaged and and under-treated chronic pain. What I have is a medical cannabis program in my state that I can’t afford. What I have is constant, unrelenting, debilitating pain. What I have is suffering for the purpose of suffering.

(If you’re a pain patient and you need more information, find me at painkills2.wordpress.com.)

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