Americans for Safe Access

Tue, Jun 17, 2014 8:42 am

From: Painkills2
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Dear Americans for Safe Access:

I have read ASA’s notice regarding its PFC program, and I have a question regarding “manufacturing, packaging, and labeling,” which I understand is part of the certification.

New MexiCann is the first dispensary in New Mexico that has been certified in ASA’s PFC program. And yet, the way that their products are labeled is causing confusion. Specifically, when listing THC percentages, New MexiCann combines both THC and THCA results, along with grouping CBD/CBGs in one listed percentage. These discrepancies are somewhat due to the difference between what the product tests at for dry weight, compared to actual weight. In an attempt to make it easier for other patients to gauge products in New Mexico, I have advised patients to deduct 1 to 2 percentage points from any product’s reported THC levels.

If ASA has developed rules for labeling THC, I would appreciate your sending me that information.

I am also curious about how the PFC program will bring consistency into this product market, considering I have found significant differences in THC levels for the same strain/product over time.

I would also appreciate knowing ASA’s involvement in the newly proposed rules by the New Mexico Department of Health.

Thank you,

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Re: Americans for Safe Access
Postby Painkills2 » Sun Jun 22, 2014 1:13 am

No response (yet) from the ASA to the above email — not even a confirmation of receipt.

And I don’t know why I keep trying to get help from these “activist” groups… When does disappointment after disappointment turn into just giving up? I’d say, right about now.

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