Medical Marijuana a Challenge for Legal Pot States

Alaska doesn’t have commercial medical dispensaries, so licensed stores there won’t face direct competition.

Ah, the fear of competition… There’s a lot of that in New Mexico.

And in Oregon, taxes on recreational pot are set at just $35 an ounce, which officials hope will minimize competition from the medical side.

Sorry, but $35 an ounce is still a lot of money, especially for poor people.

A competition to see which side can make the most money… pay the most in taxes… No, no, no.  Patients shouldn’t have to pay taxes on their medicine.  So why is it fair to tax cannabis for any other use?  Marijuana isn’t a drug like alcohol, with only a small amount of medicinal benefit. Why should those who have the money to access medical cannabis be the only ones who benefit from the medicinal properties of this plant?

Legalization — the only fair, reasonable, and logical answer.  And taxes should be a lot lower on cannabis than on alcohol, to equal the amount of harm/benefit each drug brings to the public. (Are there taxes on guns?)

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