Religion is about a lot of things, but mainly it’s about your afterlife. If you’re good in this life, then you will be rewarded in the next. I suppose some people need this threat of punishment and/or promise of “salvation” to lead a “good” life…

But really, all you need is the Golden Rule; something that exists in some form or fashion in every religion. Treating other people right involves believing that everybody is human, and no person is better than the next.  Do religious people believe that?

Regarding the afterlife… As a chronic pain survivor, I have no interest in extending this painful life into another one. Perhaps heaven is a place without pain? If humans are there — in person or in spirit — then I doubt it.  But then, I don’t believe that heaven exists. Hell either.

And I don’t believe in “sin.”  Sin is used to shame and ostracize people, just like religion.  If you want to believe in a god, more power to you.  But if you look down on other people because of your religious beliefs, or because other people don’t believe like you do… well, then we have a problem, Houston.

Can’t say this enough:  Medical science and religion don’t mix.

One thought on “Breaking News: Sin Does Not Exist

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