Those of us who suffer from a mood disorder know that this is a serious illness… Laughter can sometimes save us in our darkest moments.

Well, I don’t think laughter is the best medicine — for someone suffering from TMJ, smiling and laughing are actually rather painful.  However…

Do not let your illness, medical condition, pain… rob you of the ability to laugh.  Likewise, don’t let society, the medical industry, insurance companies, and your friends and family shame you into being sad all the time…

Being happy doesn’t mean you’re not still disabled and in pain.  But some patients probably think that showing happiness might give the wrong impression, and don’t want to draw the attention of people who might say something like, “Well, you don’t look like you’re in pain.”

After all, do you usually see people in pain laughing?  But we’re not talking about acute pain — pain that goes away — we’re talking about chronic conditions…

There’s nothing wrong with feeling sad, but you can’t be sad all the time — that’s a recipe for disaster.  Yes, the pain is awful, the pain is constant, and a lot of the time, your mood says so. But do not feel guilty for laughing or feeling happy — pain can rob you of a lot of things, but it cannot stop you from working to find the laughter…

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