What does the future look like for pain patients?

Do chronic pain patients have to threaten suicide before they will be heard?  Because a lot of comments I read from pain patients are doing just that…

But I’m thinking that the government, the medical industry, and law enforcement don’t feel that this threat of suicide from chronic pain patients is worse than the threat of drug abuse and overdose deaths…

So now I’m wondering how effective it is for chronic pain patients to threaten suicide, especially as a way to get attention for their unrelieved and unmanaged pain…

I think the answer to pain patients from the Powers That Be is:  buprenorphine, methadone, and probably anti-depressants.  Buprenorphine and methadone will be as inadequate as codeine for constant pain (along with the added dangers of methadone), and the anti-depressants will only work if you’re one of the lucky ones who achieves the placebo effect.

Maybe some pain patients (especially those with money) won’t be forced to reduce or stop their current pain medications, but eventually, as new pain patients enter the patient population, they will only be given these newly created (and plastic-coated) drugs… and all the drugs that work will eventually be phased out, only prescribed for cancer and end-of-life pain.  How long do you think that will take?  Five or 10 years?

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