The Story of Kush

For chronic pain patients, it’s very important to choose a cannabis strain that’s strong enough for your level of pain.  (Unintentional rhyme.)  So far, my experience says that indicas — like kushes — are where you can find the most THC strength.

My guess is that for my level 7 pain, I need at least 20% THC.

Nowhere are Kush strains more prevalent than in Southern California. Many medical-marijuana dispensaries specialize in carrying as many varieties of Kush as they can get their hands on, and there are literally hundreds to chose from (OG, Larry, Tahoe, Russian Master and Lemon come to mind)… True Kush strains have also spread far and wide throughout Northern California and beyond. The OG is actually rumored to have come to Cali through the Lake Tahoe area from a Chemdog clone from the East Coast…

2/4/2014, Tahoe OG (marijuana review)

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