2 thoughts on “Opioid Treatment 10-year Longevity Survey Final Report

  1. That was a superb article. The tables were especially insightful. But I have a suggestion for you. I think very few people will follow a link that has no excerpt or information. You can always cut-and-paste a paragraph into your blog (for educational purposes). Alternately, you could comment about why you think the article deserves a link. Anyway, thanks for turning me on to an important scientific study about longterm opiate use and pain management.

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    • I usually do cut and paste, you know, as a tease… But I thought the title of the post was self-explanatory. And you’re welcome.

      Keep in mind that the study was done by Dr. Tennant, who I’m familiar with, but I haven’t kept up to date on his status in the pain management community. It seems like some very good pain specialists have been blacklisted…

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