Opioid Needs Assessment (6/30/2011)

Click to access opioidneedsassessmentnms.pdf

(Includes a list of treatment centers in New Mexico.)

The Albuquerque Drug Enforcement Administration identified prescription drugs as the primary drug of concern in 2010 (Shah, 2011). 

6. Many opioid users have chronic pain issues.  Because opioids have analgesic properties, individuals with chronic pain are drawn to them, or may be prescribed them by a doctor and then develop a dependence on them. One treatment provider said, “More individuals are starting [with prescription pain pills] and then transitioning to heroin because they can’t afford the prescription or the doctor refuses to prescribe it.”  Individuals who began taking prescription opioids for pain and are now addicted are left with fewer options for managing their pain while still trying to treat their opioid dependence.

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