Member Spotlight: Jennifer Weiss

Is there anything in this woman’s background — besides the tragedy of her son’s death — that would suggest she’s an expert in addiction and its treatment?

This is like the advertising executive recently chosen as the new head of Children’s Youth and Family Services.

Wow, it sounds like Ms. Weiss would be really good at running a treatment center for juvenile drug addicts…


Jennifer Weiss · Top Commenter · Albuquerque, New Mexico

Do any of you care at the fact that if this attack happens then more lives will be put in jeopardy? Whose to say they won’t release location info on officers who are undercover. Whose to say they won’t release personal information on the officers families? All of you really need to wake up! Yes a man died and it is sad, but now you all have an even bigger problem and if this explodes in the city streets, more people will get hurt or even get killed. You can have your cake, but you better ready to eat it because if that group blows the way the did with Westboro, that’s a huge security breach.

Oh and Love saus age: get a freaking life. You are a vigilante just looking to cause more problems. And one more thing. Since it looks like you hate cops, how many times has APD arrested your dumb butt for just being a jackass or slapping around your p*nis because no hooker in their right mind would ever touch you. So how many times have you been locked up?

Jennifer Weiss · Top Commenter · Albuquerque, New Mexico

Loretta Baca obviously you think your s*it doesn’t stink because you think violence begets violence. Wow, you’re more into death and destruction for your own gratification because your life is so boring and lacking of what is truly important. And you know what, I actually feel sorry for you. You are a pitiful excuse for a human.

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