Juvenile Justice Advisory Board Meeting (4/17/2013)

Click to access April+2013+Meeting+Minutes+FINAL.pdf

Presentation – “Opiate Addictions-No Exceptions”; Jennifer Weiss, Executive Director,
Heroin Awareness Committee.

Jennifer started Heroin Awareness Committee (HAC) April 2010 when she found out that her 16yr old son was a heroin addict. He died in 2011. She quickly realized that the North East Heights area of Albuquerque had a severe heroin problem.

95% of heroin addicts start with prescription opiates and move to heroin when their
supply runs out.

WTF?  Pulling percentages out of a hat again, Ms. Weiss?

90% of Heroin users start with marijuana and/or alcohol. Users don’t know what marijuana is laced with. Dealers want users to try more addictive drugs and users are exposing themselves to a bad environment.

WTF (times 2)?  You’d think that a Juvenile Justice Advisory Board would include some back up for these “facts” and figures. Nah, Jennifer’s word is good enough… I mean, she’s an “expert.”

There was a brief discussion about starting to solve issue of over prescribing of opiates. Parents need to monitor teens’ prescriptions along with their doctors. Jennifer noted the 647% increase in Oxycontin prescription rate in the last ten years. The HAC has tried through the legislature to lobby for more limits and controls on prescription opiates.

There was a discussion about drug take back programs and their efficacy. Jennifer noted that they are very successful. There are very few permanent sites but pounds and pounds are collected on take back days. Pharmacies can take back drugs.

Pharmacies can take back drugs?  Really?  So, is your prescription from Walgreens from a distributor or from the street?

One teen noted that she does not think that there is much peer pressure for drug use
in Los Alamos. She sees more of a positive peer pressure affect.

Yeah, but that won’t stop Jennifer, will it?

Another teen noted that teens sometimes have two groups of friends, drug users and sober friends. He feels that there is peer pressure as well as the issue of kids’ curiosity. He has seen teens who start hanging out with drug using kids and then changing friend groups as drug uses increase. In Los Alamos, marijuana is the drug of choice. He also noted that teens who are not involved in sports do not have enough to do in Los Alamos.

If marijuana is the drug of choice in Los Alamos, then ya’ll are lucky…

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