From Senator Dede Feldman’s Blog (2012)

Don’t be afraid to have heroes. I know it sounds corny.  And  look for them in unexpected places… outside the movie theater or the sports field.  I found one, unexpectedly at my doorstep two years ago.  Her name is Jennifer Weiss, and she brought a group of parents to visit with me about the alarming epidemic of heroin overdoses among our high school students, and the abuse of prescription drugs like oxycodone and other opiods.   Jennifer’s own son, Cameron was then in the throes of the addiction, and Jennifer had organized other parents to cope, to break through the stigma, to lobby for treatment programs and prevent future addicts.  Jennifer lost her son to an overdose last fall—but she has not stopped fighting, not stopped appearing on TV and radio, alerting others to danger, pointing the way to a solution.

Funny how one person’s hero is another person’s enemy… And for any pain patients who read this, please pay attention to how things are done — you take a group of pain patients and talk to every politician who will agree to see you.  Of course, it would be better if you were parents and kids had something to do with it… politicians can’t say no to kids (or veterans).

Listen, you can write 100 letters a day, but until politicians see you face-to-face, they’re not going to listen.  Not that they will listen, even if they agree to see you…

Of course, Ms. Weiss is better able to enter the political process because of her education, money, and privilege… Ah, the life of the elite… cushy, but stressful.  Considering the kinds of internet comments I’ve been reading by Ms. Weiss, perhaps her life is becoming a little too stressful.  I dunno, my first impression is that her rather cruel attitude has nothing to do with stress — she was just born that way.

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