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By Linda Nee on December 13, 2014 at 10:18 am

Another story is the claim I managed while still employed by Unum of a gentleman who was receiving treatment by a Mexican witch doctor. Each month, he would cross the border for a ceremony that was actually working for his cardiac condition. However, in some respect, although insurance companies cannot compel anyone to seek certain types of treatment most policies do include a provision, “treated by a qualified physician with a speciality suitable to the claimed disability.” With some encouragement (not threats) I was able to convince my claimant that he should seek treatment in the US by a qualified cardiologist. He did so, and his care was medically managed.

Patient notes should not be altered, written on, or changed in any way for disability claim purposes. It doesn’t matter that the changes made were benign, it shouldn’t be done.

There is a proper way to change medical notes by contacting the physician in writing, pointing out the errors, and requesting that the notes be changed or amended. Physicians do not like to “change” medical notes because it’s a time consuming nuisance. And, not everything that happens is a planned conspiracy since doctor’s offices are more chaotic than insurance companies are. If patient notes are consistently wrong, a letter to the physician citing the errors along with a request for more accurate reporting is appropriate.

The proper way to change medical notes doesn’t work.  Besides doctors not wanting to change anything, they have this problem of believing they’re always right.  And incorrect records are much more of a nuisance for the patient than for the doctor, especially since those medical records follow a patient wherever they go — for the rest of their lives.

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