8/30/14, Facility for drug-addicted youth may open by year-end


Commissioner Maggie Hart Stebbins said the county was partnering with HAC [Healing Addiction in our Community], which will operate the transitional housing programs…


Healing Addiction in our Community
Formerly: The Heroin Awareness Committee of Albuquerque, New Mexico

Let’s see how this group operates, shall we?

From their website:

Teenagers commonly abuse prescripton opiates which almost always leads to Heroin abuse and ultimately addiction.

Besides not knowing how to spell “prescription,” this group is spreading fear and lies as if there were no tomorrow. So, teenagers “commonly” abuse opiates? Not true. Which “almost always” leads to heroin abuse and “ultimately addiction”? Again, untrue.

Even more significant, according to a recent national poll, 40% of high school seniors don’t believe there is any great risk in using Heroin mainly because it can be smoked, much like marijuana.

Does their website give a link to this alleged poll? No. I don’t know anyone — at any age — who believes there isn’t any risk in using heroin. (Maybe I should also capitalize the name of this drug, to give it more visual importance?)

In addition, New Mexico is a portal for Heroin to enter the United States. The drug is made under filthy conditions and can be mixed with many unknown substances. Drug dealers are specifically targeting our youth with the sole intent of getting them ‘hooked’ because once addicted, that person becomes a client for life.

Okay, this part looks like it was written by someone over at the Albuquerque Journal. Just because it’s written on a website, doesn’t make it true. This non-profit group (mostly funded by the federal government) is part of a community that blames the chemicals for abuse and addiction problems — which is why, after all these years, their way is still not working.

And this is the group that is involved in treating people with addictions at this new facility? Liars, shamers, and fear-mongers are going to treat alcoholics and drug addicts? No doubt abstinence is the only treatment offered by this group. This is the saddest thing I’ve heard all day.

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