The Education and Rehabilitation of At-Risk Juveniles

Click to access EducationAtRiskJuveniles.pdf

Phoenix House Academy Descanso (CA)

Even though the Descanso facility is promoted as a voluntary drug treatment center, the Grand Jury’s visit disclosed mostly involuntary commitments. On the date of the Grand Jury’s visit there were 24 boys and 14 girls. Some of the commitments are through the Drug Court (San Diego Juvenile Court) and some of them are through private or family placement.

County and governmental agency funding makes up 98% of the budget and private donations make up the remainder. Staff counselors are private contractors trained by the national Phoenix House group. The Phoenix House model is a national program that integrates residential treatment with on-site school instruction. Throughout the country more than 150 Phoenix House programs provide a broad array of treatment, prevention, and recovery services and treat more than 17,000 adults and adolescents each year.
11/19/2013:  The Phoenix House has been a not-for-profit behavioral healthcare provider since 1972 and provides more than 123 programs in 11 states. Currently, the Phoenix House has 6,000 men, women and teens at its various facilities.

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