Military Hospital Care Is Questioned; Next, Reprisals

Dr. Russell Hicks, a psychiatrist, said Madigan Army Medical Center outside Tacoma, Wash., revoked his credentials this year after he identified serious flaws in a program to screen soldiers for post-traumatic stress. “I did what I knew, and I still know, was right, and they went after me,” he said. He has appealed the decision…

But few cases trigger such high-level scrutiny. Dr. Gayle Humm, an emergency room physician under contract at Evans Army Community Hospital in Colorado, said she refused to prescribe narcotic painkillers for patients she suspected were addicted. When some patients complained, her supervisor told her that “the only thing that mattered was that the numbers were affecting his promotion,” she said…

Dr. Bastianelli objected that women in labor were denied epidural anesthesia, violating ethics and policy.

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