Third Quarter Meeting
August 15-16, 2013

Members Present:

Steve Weiner, M.D., Chair
Steven Jenkusky, M.D., Vice Chair
Paul Kovnat, M.D., Secretary /Treasurer
Roger Miller, M.D.
Sam Kankanala, M.D.
Steven Komadina, M.D.
Albert Bourbon, PA-C
Jennifer Anderson, Esquire, Public Member
Rick Wallace, FACHE, Public Member

Members Absent: None

Others Present:

Lynn Hart, Executive Director
Grant La Farge, M.D., Medical Director
Andrea Buzzard, Assistant Attorney General
Dan Rubin, Administrative Prosecutor
Gayle Mascarenas, CFO/HR
Jackie Holmes, Compliance Manager! PlO
Amanda Quintana, Licensing Manager
Debbie Dieterich, Investigations Manager
Amanda Chavez, Investigator
Leann Lovato, Investigator
Samantha Breen, Administrative Assistant

First Quarter Meeting
February 7-8, 2013
(Relevant parts of the) MINUTES

The Council’s job is to make recommendations to the Governor on the proper use of controlled substances for the treatment of pain.

Representatives, including the medical board, met with staff members of the Governor‘s office and discussed a legislative option that would give the Council the authority to create prescription limits for opiates and other controlled drugs; including the duration of treatment and doses.Representatives at the meeting voiced concern about this approach. Limits will remain an option, however, as our state battles prescription drug overdose.

I. Investigation Department

-Attorney General’s Task Force on Prescription Drug Abuse in NM

The Attorney General’s task force has asked the medical board to give a presentation at their awareness summit, which is to be scheduled in April.

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