2/28/2014, New Conditions Approved For Medical Cannabis, Yet Supply Shortage Persists


A fourth quarter producers’ report prepared by the New Mexico Department of Health in February and obtained by SFR earlier this week shows New Mexico’s 23 non-profit producers only harvested a little more than 27,000 pounds, or 13.5 tons, for 10,647 active patients. In order to provide each patient three ounces, or 84 grams, of marijuana every quarter, growers claim they need to package close to 56,250 pounds or 28 tons. But health officials say the number is less, because a third of the patients are licensed to grow their own medication.

“There’s been a shortage for the last five years,” say Love…

Well, if you can afford to be a medical cannabis patient in New Mexico, it looks like there’s good news:  The issue of shortages, as reported on just 10 months ago (and for the last six years) has been removed from the conversation.  Which must mean that the program is no longer having problems with this issue. Merry Christmas.

Ford says he could meet demand and lower his prices if the Department of Health allowed him to grow between 300 and 500 plants.

Well, it looks like the producers got their wish on this matter, so I guess we’ll all be watching for Mr. Ford (and all the other producers) to start lowering their prices — sometime next year, right?

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