7/17/2014, As Painkiller Addiction and Overdoses Continue to Rise…


As noted by CDC Director Tom Frieden, narcotic painkillers are very dangerous medications: “Patients given just a single course may become addicted for life,” he recently warned.

What happens when people figure out that doctors and the government are lying to them about drugs?  Oh, wait…

As noted in the article, Florida clamped down on its prescription guidelines in 2010, in an effort to combat rampant “pill mills” that were little more than legal (and even not-so-legal) suppliers to junkies.

Yeah, and look at Florida now… And don’t you just love how “professionals” use words like “junkies”?

…said Kolodny, chairman of psychiatry at the Maimonides Medical Center in New York City. In addition, a review of records revealed personal financial relationships between drugmakers and two officials with the UW Pain Group. Those include helping a drug company win Food and Drug Administration approval for a new narcotic painkiller and working as speakers or consultants.”

Gee, Kolodny, knocking other people for what you do yourself?  Can you spell hypocrite?

According to the featured report, the UW Pain Group played a key role in the rapid growth of Oxycontin, which led to a scourge of addiction and death.

Oxy didn’t lead to a “scourge of addiction and death.”  Poverty and unemployment did.  If it hadn’t of been Oxy, it would have been something else.  (And by the way, I’m looking forward to when gun manufacturers are held liable for their products.)

…said Andrew Kolodny, MD, a New York psychiatrist and opioid addiction specialist who co-founded Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing.

Opioid addiction “specialist”?  I beg to differ.

And since Dr. Mercola recommends ginger to treat chronic pain, I’m gonna do a little experiment of my own.  I’ll make a big batch of gingerbread cookies, eat every one, and then see if I get any pain relief.  Or I guess I could try snorting the ginger…

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