This, from the Mayo Clinic?

Prescription drug abuse is the use of a prescription medication in a way not intended by the prescribing doctor, such as for the feelings you get from the drug. Prescription drug abuse or problematic use includes everything from taking a friend’s prescription painkiller for your backache to snorting or injecting ground-up pills to get high. Drug abuse may become ongoing and compulsive, despite the negative consequences.

“…such as the feelings you get from the drug.” Yeah, you know, like the feeling of pain relief.

Taking one pill because your back hurts, even if it wasn’t specifically (and expensively) prescribed to you, is considered problematic or abuse? No wonder the war on drugs has been such a failure…

Drug abuse “may” become ongoing and compulsive?  Isn’t that supposed to be the definition of addiction?  Does drug abuse always equal drug addiction? How often does abuse become addiction? Do most people overcome addictions on their own?

If I drink 20 cups of coffee in one day, is that caffeine abuse or addiction?

It’s like the medical industry suddenly joined the anti-science team…

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