12/8/2014, Primary Care Doctors Report Prescribing Fewer Opioids for Pain


“Our findings suggest that primary care providers have become aware of the scope of the prescription opioid crisis and are responding in ways that are important, including reducing their overreliance on these medicines,” says study leader… “The health care community has long been part of the problem, and now they appear to be part of the solution to this complex epidemic.”

Responding by “reducing their overreliance on these medicines” — and replacing them with what? Everyone agrees the medical industry isn’t equipped to treat chronic pain, unless it’s with drugs. So, how are doctors part of the solution?  And why aren’t insurance companies part of the “solution” too?

Is part of the solution to leave pain patients with nothing else to look forward to except death?

Meanwhile, he says more research is needed. While there is good value in surveying physicians about their attitudes, beliefs and experiences, he says research using pharmacy data is needed to confirm the degree to which prescribers’ reliance on prescription opioids is actually decreasing.

Sure, more research is needed to confirm that the DEA and the medical industry have actually restricted access to pain medications. With all the suffering going on, you’d think these doctors’ priorities would be a little more focused on the actual problem.

Yeah, the next time one of these doctors has a root canal, I’d like to treat his or her pain with a massage or acupuncture… see how they like being tortured.

Other findings in the survey:

90% of doctors believe prescription drug abuse is a big or moderate problem in their community.

85% of doctors somewhat agree or strongly agree that opioids are overused to treat pain.

82% of doctors somewhat agree or strongly agree that patients “commonly embellish or fabricate their pain symptoms” to obtain opioids.

I guess doctors don’t read the same news reports and research studies that I read, or else it’s just like I feared — doctors have joined the anti-science team.  Talk about being susceptible to propaganda…

And I can’t help it — I’m really starting to strongly dislike ALL doctors. Hypocrites, the lot of them. Who’s worse, doctors or politicians?

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