Increased Demand for CBD Epilepsy Treatment

The University of Alabama is currently playing the waiting game as it seeks approval from the FDA on its ability to initiate research and development on CBD oils in relation to pain suppression and epileptic treatment. Merely a few months ago, the University was given approval by the Alabama State Legislature in the form of a 5-year, $1 million research grant, leaving Federal law as the only stumbling block towards progress.  Roughly 80 days have come and gone without the university hearing back from the FDA.

3-Year-Old Girl Dies Waiting for Tennessee’s Cannabis Oil

12/13/2014, FDA Approves Cannabidiol Study at University of Alabama

Although UAB was given permission to commence their research, Shepard says the FDA requested some amendments to the legislation, which is slated to be brought before the university review board in January.

One thought on “Increased Demand for CBD Epilepsy Treatment

  1. I’ve read that about it being beneficial for epilepsy, since Jamie suffers with it in Prison. Of course his options are low where he is but maybe by the time he gets out it could be an alternative he might be able to use – if they didn’t throw him back in prison for using it, that is.

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