(November 2012) VA Launches Pain Management Group for Women

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Chronic pain can greatly interfere with quality of life. Now a new initiative at the Murphy VA Medical Center in Albuquerque is helping women veterans learn to live with pain using several coping skills. The New Mexico VA Health Care System’s (NMVAHCS) Women Veterans Health Program (WVHP) launched “Living with Chronic Pain: Women Only Pain Management Group” in collaboration with Behavioral Medicine staff members. Women Veterans who have chronic pain now can meet for 90 minutes every other week in the new group. A Behavioral Medicine team including a female psychologist and a female intern conducts 10 group sessions. Patients share and learn coping techniques and tools for living with chronic pain. Typically, their pain is caused by fibromyalgia, migraines, back injuries, muscular skeletal problems or arthritis or other similar conditions.

The curriculum includes imaging tools to decrease focus on chronic pain and improve comfort levels, and discussions of values, acute versus chronic pain, depression, communicating with providers, confl ict management and a health self-evaluation. The goal is to normalize daily life activities. “We want to promote this non-invasive therapy and improve women’s quality of life, enabling them to engage in activities they may not have been able to manage before this unique group,” said Carole Donsbach, NMVAHCS Women Veterans Program Manager. Donsbach worked closely with psychologist Eric Levensky, Ph.D., to create and implement the program, a “National Best Practice.”
Women veterans interested in the chronic pain management group may call the clinic at (505) 265-1711, ext. 4621, or toll-free (800) 465-8262, ext. 4621 for more information.

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