NM Top Organics

(My review as posted around April 2014 on nmcannabis.com.)

I registered with New Mexico Top Organics last week, first through their website and then via email with “J,” in which she told me the following:

“There is delivery in ABQ every Thursday for a $10 charge. The driver works for R. Greenleaf, but delivers for many of the other Producers as well. Since we will need to get your medicine to ABQ we would ask that you place your order the Monday of the week you’d like delivery. In addition, we would ask that you mail us a money order after placing the order as we are not set up for debit/credit at this time.”

There is not much on their website, but my initial perception is that this dispensary is mostly about extracts. However, last week, I noticed a mention of a Blackberry Kush strain:

“Signature Line (Hydro Organic) — Blackberry Kush (Indica Dominant) $14/gram including tax: Tends to have a hashy, jet fuel smell and taste that is balanced by sweet berries. This strain is often recommended for the treatment of pain thanks to its strong indica body effects.”

J informed me that they “have not had the Blackberry Kush tested, but I would guess it might be high teens or low twenties. Some patients have mentioned that they felt it was rather strong and many have reported good pain relief.”

But the day I traveled to Santa Fe to visit this dispensary, their website no longer listed the Blackberry strain. Since I am now on their list for newsletters, I will keep an eye out for this strain in the future.

As Smokin Cannabis described last year, their offices are sparse and nondescript. The woman who helped me introduced herself as “J” and, as I was the only customer there at the time, a gentleman also joined in the conversation. They only had one strain available, a 2 gram bag for $22 of Blue Dream. (Was it Blue Dream? Now I’m not sure…) I took a whiff and it smelled okay, not grassy; but maybe more on the chocolate side of terpenes.

We talked briefly about hydro, which appears to be their more popular line of strains. They are obviously one of the smaller producers, but J did tell me that they would be willing to give me a free sample of their next batch of hydro, which was really nice. Since I don’t know when I will make another trip to Santa Fe, these kinds of services are really beneficial.

2012 Strains

Postby Painkills2 » Sat Apr 05, 2014 10:22 am

Tests by Page Analytical on November 5, 2012 for:
(Listed at actual weight)

18.61% THC
0.32% CBD
0.00% CBN
10.25% moisture

19.15% THC
0.53% CBD
0.00% CBN
9.4% moisture

21.58% THC
0.56% CBD
0.00% CBN
7.61% moisture

All passed microbiology tests.


Posted on 5/8/2013 by Smokin Cannabis: Hello, so I visited New Mexico Top Organics Dispensary for the first time. I guess they just don’t make it easy to find these places. There were 2 people there, four desks, a small room in the back and not much else, at least nothing else that caught my attention. They had I think 4 strains available, had them listed on a small chalk board on the wall. They have a 2 gram minimum. We talked some about grow technique they grow DWC Hydroponic. They were in a hurry to leave and close 20 minutes early.

So lets go over our criteria: Customer Service: 6 points Awarded; They were both dressed very casual and both in a hurry to leave 20 minutes early. They were very nice about it though.
Accessibility: 5 points Awarded; The store was hard to find. Website is nice, not much information. Their hours are better then most. Medicine Quantity: 5 points Awarded; They only had 4 strains available, Minimum purchase of 2 grams. Seem to concentrate on the concentrates, BHO mostly. Medicine Quality: 6 points Awarded; I got one strain it looks great, very crystal covered, light green, very little smell though. So far from what we have tried it is very good medicine. It is dryed too much I think. Overall Patient benefit: 5 points Awarded; The cost was about par. They had very little information both at the office and the website. The staff were very friendly, and helpful. The office was very sparse.

May 18, 2013:  The White Widow from New Mexico Top Organics Dispensary, nmtoporganics.org, is a nice strain, medium to heavy head buzz. It has almost no smell, and not much taste either. This strain is just strong enough for my PTSD, though only lasts for about half an hour. The cure is too too dry. Mid to dark green, lots of crystals, a small amount of orange hairs. Small to medium size buds, fairly dense. The price was $14/gram, would suggest it for medium to heavy users. On a further note I have actually grown this strain with better results, more smell, and stronger taste.

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