My review of R. Greenleaf (November 2013)

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On my first trip to R. Greenleaf, there was only one strain available (Jack Herer) and limits per purchase. I did not make a purchase at that time. Before Thanksgiving, I returned and there were two strains available, one of which was an indica dom hybrid, Sweet Tooth. I was only able to purchase 1.5 grams, which I rolled into one joint, with 1 seed and 1 stem left over. It had a diesel smell and burned well. I liked it, but am unable to give it a rating at this time because I need more than one sample to properly judge it.

R. Greenleaf is a nice dispensary in a commercial area. When I asked about the THC percentage in the two available strains, the gentleman behind the counter knew them by heart, with Sweet Tooth being the higher of the two at 23.46% THC. Unfortunately, he did not mention the 0.622% CBDs, which if I had know, might have affected my purchase. And when he told me I could only purchase 1.5 grams of the Sweet Tooth (the limit was 3.5 grams of the other strain), I complained about the small amount. I was like, “Is that it? Is that all I can buy? You mean, I drove all the way over here for this amount?” He did check further with people in the back, but could not offer more than 1.5 grams of the Sweet Tooth.

I asked how I was supposed to know what strains were available day-to-day, and when he mentioned the website, I told him that didn’t always seem current. He said you can call, and I said sure, I could call every dispensary every day, but why can’t your website just be updated more frequently?

There was another patient giving his order next to me, and I asked him if he had tasted the cheese crackers, which he said he had not. He said he was there to get a double-strength brownie, but they were out. To this, the gentleman helping me replied that he thought they still had that product. To which the patient replied, well, someone should have told me that.

My R. Greenleaf purchase was stored in a very small plastic baggie, with a double-lock closure. It came with a receipt that had a note on the back from the Executive Director. The note included a thank you paragraph, a list of upcoming releases for strains, and a request to pre-order one week in advance, “as walk-in medication orders are typically limited to 7g or less.” (Except for today, of course, in which the limits were far more restrictive.)

Since it is almost impossible to go by strain name alone, as each harvest produces different strengths and quality (no matter who is producing it), I am not interested in pre-ordering anything. The note also requests that I call the NM DOH to let them know about the shortage. And it included the acknowledgement of “so much demand and a limited supply.” The note, well, really a type of small flyer, also includes safe smoking techniques and warnings, and a description of my “Limitations of the Rights of Possession & Use.”

Since I liked the Sweet Tooth strain, I could possibly try R. Greenleaf again, but only if they increase limits or remove them. Since I don’t know when that would happen, I guess I will check their website occasionally to see if these limits change. And if their website indicates that change.

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