My review of Medzen (2/2/2014)

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Medzen is located in Rio Rancho and was the first dispensary I registered with after obtaining my card. They also have a website that is mostly kept updated now. Some months after I began frequenting Medzen, they moved their office to a bigger space. Good thing, because the waiting room was usually pretty crowded, sometimes with standing room only.

Medzen’s new office space is professional and comfortable, ironically next to a Walgreens (and the inevitable CVS). Compared to the bright lights and negative energy at my local Walgreens pharmacy, Medzen’s waiting room was like a breath of fresh air. The other patients were friendly and there was usually an interesting conversation going on in the waiting room. Patients were assisted with their orders one-on-one, behind a closed door, always with a nice young man. Once in a while I would see the manager, who was always friendly and nice. After they moved into the new space, they hired a few more people.

Although everyone at Medzen is very nice, the employees were not very good at answering questions, especially for a patient new to the program. A couple of times, I was given a possible THC percentage on a strain, but Medzen doesn’t test it’s products. Asking the employees questions would usually result in a non-answer or none at all, including questions about harvest dates for different strain batches. When I was unable to get answers from the employees, I tried to meet with the manager, but was unable to do so.

Over the course of the six-month period that I was a customer at Medzen, the dispensary always seemed to have medicine available. I tried 22 different strains (listed below), a few waxes, one alcohol tincture, and some edibles. One of the great things about Medzen was its willingness to sell me small amounts of new strains, and these usually came in a small plastic container, but any amount over 2 grams came in a child-proof prescription container.

Here is a list of all the strains I tried:

Big Bang
Bubba Kush
Blue Dream
Blue Moon
Da Purps
Green Crackle
Hash Skunk
Hindu Kush 2
Kush White Russian
Lemon Kush
OG Kush
Panama Red
Purple Kush
Shishka Berry
Super Lemon Haze
White Russian
Willy Frost

Looking back over my receipts, I see that I paid from $13 to $15 per gram for these strains. After six months, I had spent over $6,000 — say it with me, holy cow! I haven’t returned to Medzen since the end of November, but I am just now analyzing all the information I have. During this time, I did not keep the kind of detailed notes I keep now, so my analysis for this dispensary is not as complete as my other reviews.

I can recall three different purchases from Medzen that were above average, specific batches of the OG Kush, Shishka Berry, and Green Crackle strains. Unfortunately, there was no consistency within the strains, so I could not predict from purchase to purchase what strength I was going to get. Most of my purchases ended up being the OG Kush strain, while trying out different strains as they came into the rotation.

I tried a variety of edibles from Medzen, but I didn’t obtain any noticeable effects. However, I have read some internet reviews that indicate there are patients who are having luck with the edibles and waxes at Medzen. As for the wax, it was pretty messy to deal with and I didn’t notice any benefit from these purchases.

Since I was a new member of the program during my experience with Medzen, I didn’t feel comfortable asking that many questions. They keep print-outs of articles from The Weed Blog website in the waiting room, so I obtained a lot of my education through this resource.

It wasn’t until close to the end of my Medzen experience that I was told I could return medicine for an even exchange if I wasn’t happy with it. Before then, I had been afraid to ask. I made one return after that — and did not feel comfortable doing it. Just like on previous occasions when I made mention of my dislike of one strain or another, when I made this one return, their attitude was surprise. It was like, “You mean you don’t like it? Really? How is that possible?” I never figured out how to respond to that attitude.

Most of Medzen’s customers appear happy with this dispensary, but it is my opinion that a lot of their customers don’t have an adequate comparison to Medzen. I mean, I read one review that said: “They have a reputation of having some of the best medicine in New Mexico.” Another one raves, “I have found the best thing going in New Mexico. The medication is always of top quality and Medzen is consistant. You get top grade everytime you go in.” Okay, I don’t know who these reviewers are talking about, but it appears that they have no frame of reference for comparison.

My general sense is that most people try out 2 or 3 different dispensaries, and are either happy with this kind of selection or don’t think that any other products in the market would be an improvement. Of course, I’m sure many patients have just given up trying to find the right medicine and just settle for what’s available, if that.

I also have to wonder about conflicts of interest when it comes to Medzen, as I understand that they are involved with a business for licensed growers.

Since I heard that the Department of Health was going to require testing soon, I emailed Medzen recently to see if and when this dispensary was going to start testing. I received a one-sentence, unsigned reply indicating that they would begin testing when required to do so.

When I can see actual test results prior to purchase, I will consider returning to Medzen.

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