Millennials Spare No Cost When It Comes to Health Coverage

Despite efforts to improve the health insurance exchanges, many consumers still experience trepidation shopping for their health insurance. In fact, 82 percent of Americans who recently shopped for health insurance say that it’s just as bad as or even worse than doing their own taxes, while 75 percent say it’s the same or worse than getting the middle seat on a crowded airplane. Even having a tooth filled is better than health plan shopping for some Americans, with 23 percent of those who recently shopped for a plan saying it was less enjoyable than facing the dentist’s drill and 45 percent saying it’s just as bad.

Having a tooth filled is better than shopping for healthcare?  Ummm… Methinks someone is exaggerating… There’s almost nothing worse than having to go to the dentist.  (Maybe, before I die, Americans will get dental coverage.)

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