One of the most pleasant effects of eating chocolate is the “good feeling” that many people experience after indulging. Chocolate contains more than 300 known chemicals. Scientists have been working on isolating specific chemicals and chemical combinations which may explain some of the pleasurable effects of consuming chocolate…

Perhaps the most controversial findings come from researchers at the Neurosciences Institute in San Diego, California. They believe that “chocolate contains pharmacologically active substances that have the same effect on the brain as marijuana…

In 1996, when Piomelli’s first study was published and “picked up” by the press, he received a number a phone calls and visits from representatives of the major chocolate companies. “They were worried,” he said, “that they would have to put a warning from the Surgeon General on their products.”

Another chemical known to make us happy when we eat chocolate is anandamide, so named because it means “bliss” in Sanskrit. Not only is it present in chocolate, but it is also produced
by the brain and blocks out pain and depression.


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