4/24/2014, State should follow pot producers lead


Kudos to Erik Briones for going where New Mexico’s Department of Health still refuses to go. The medical marijuana producer recently opened the doors of his Los Ranchos business, Minerva Canna, to highlight a recent $60,000 expansion, designed to make things more convenient for his clients and more conducive to his bottom line.

If this doesn’t accurately reflect the commercial side of the marijuana industry, I don’t know what does. Designed to make things more convenient? More conducive to his bottom line? No mention of product quality and consistency? It’s only medicine, after all…

Sure, eat at McDonalds if you want — they’ve got a nice-looking restaurant, very convenient for customers, and obviously successful. Does it matter that the food they produce is junk and will make you fat? Or that the chicken in their McNuggets is from China?

Of course, what can you expect from “reporting” at the Albuquerque Journal? Still, it’s interesting to see the connections between Minerva and the Journal.

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