Reviews for C.G. Corrigan

My review, as posted on on 1/22/2014:

I have a history with Corrigan, documented with emails and receipts, and littered with frustration. But, considering we’re talking about the New Mexico medical cannabis program, frustration and expensive lessons are just par for the course.

My history with this dispensary includes the purchase of a few excellent strains, including Grand Platinum, OG 18, and G-13. Unfortunately, the strains were not consistent, and I only experienced the top-shelf quality in a handful of cases. Although I didn’t record as much information through my time with Corrigan, I was able to analyze the value of this medicine and these services, and the result was that I stopped ordering from them. Corrigan has the highest prices of all the dispensaries, as far as I can tell, and most of the time, it just wasn’t worth the price.

For awhile, I was receiving interesting and well-written newsletters from Corrigan, but after I stopped purchasing from them, the emails stopped also.

I recently received an email from Corrigan with a new menu, including the Grand Platinum and OG 18 strains. Unfortunately, I was informed that there was a quarter-ounce minimum, and that no testing would be performed on these batches. But they did offer a money-back guarantee. Corrigan also indicated that they had been inactive for awhile, but were now able to begin deliveries again, and were looking to open a store-front dispensary.

Considering that I had just been informed that the strain I had been using from another dispensary was not going to be available for a couple of weeks, and the Island Sweet Skunk from High Desert was going to be unavailable for months, yes, you guessed it, I put in my order for a quarter ounce of the Grand Platinum, for a total of $100 (plus tax, of course). The batch number was listed as 4087. For your information, Corrigan only accepts money orders for pick-ups.

There were eight small buds, packaged in a (recyclable) glass jar (one of the things I like about Corrigan’s medicine). It had a very weak kush smell, with medium-to-heavy resin, no seeds, and few sticks. The Grand Platinum strain I had previously purchased had a smell like no other I have had before, or since, and this new batch was nothing like it. But it had a clean, fresh smell, nonetheless. I rolled a total of six joints from the quarter ounce, for a cost of $16.66 per joint.

This would be a good time to point out that, until you price it out per joint, the initial purchase price is relative.

If I had to guess, I would say that this strain had around a 17% to 18% THC level. I rate it at a 4.5 out of 10. On my ever-narrowing list of strains that I would purchase again, I don’t think I would choose this one.

If you choose to order from Corrigan, at this time they are requesting pre-orders a week in advance. They also mentioned problems with their email system.


11/19/13, Robin S, nmcannabisreview: I too must concur with this review. I have been a patient since 2009 and have tried about 7 different producers. CG Corrigan has been my worst experience for all four chances I gave them. I find there staff to be offensive and try to lead you to believe they are able to diagnose and cure you. Yet none of them have any medical expertise. They are over priced for the quality of their products. The last time I purchased from them it was moldy and they questioned it and told me it wasn’t possible. They appear to be about getting rich quick and zero else. It is difficult to even buy from them. Nothing but hassles. There are far more producers out there that will please you more than CG Corrigan!

Jan-12-2012,, by shadowyazn: Allright…so I understand some people may take this as a rant…but here goes. Some of you may remember a while back I posted some reviews about the medicine from CG Corrigan…great medicine, well stored, covered in trichomes. However, there was an issue regarding seeds in their Afghan. In a half ounce, I found roughly 25 seeds. When I brought up the issue to CG Corrigan, they were very considerate and offered an exchange or some free medicine on my next purchase. I chose to receive some free medicine for a future purchase, since as I’ve mentioned before I do not like to return things. I picked up earlier this morning from them again as per my subscription requirements for this month. I returned the seeds to them also this morning and as mentioned, they provided me with 4.5 grams of delicious Pineapple Kush. However, when I got home I started inspecting my current ounce. The half ounce of Northern Lights is amazing! Huge buds with beautiful red hairs and trichome development. Very solid and dense, breaks up nice with a pungent aroma. The half ounce of Sour Diesel is also very nice. Smaller size nugs, slightly fluffy but with relatively nice trichome development. HOWEVER..I’ve found 59 seeds!!! I’ve contacted CG and they’ve agreed to give me a quarter next time when I pick up again, which I believe is awesome on their part. Their customer service over there is top par. The reason I’m writing this is just to inform people out there…be CAREFUL when selecting medicine from CG. In my experience, they have issues with controlling pollination for some reason. They informed me that a hermi branch pollinated a nearby cart which lead to the seeds, so keep that in mind fellow patients.

Has anybody else had an issue with seeds from ANY of the producers? I’d be interested to hear stories if anybody’s willing to share. As of yet, out of the other 8 or 9 producers I’ve tried, I’ve only found 1 seed so far.

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